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Cordoba Cathedral is the religious and cultural heart of the diocese. It is a space where religion is reflected through the liturgy, art, architecture, music and charitable activity. The Cathedral Chapter has for centuries been responsible for the administration and management of all its functions

Although the former Aljama Mosque has been dedicated to Catholic worship since 1236, when Cordoba was conquered by Ferdinand III, it was not until the year 1239, at the time of the episcopal consecration of Lope de Fitero, when the building was classified as a Cathedral. It was this Bishop who, after restoring the site, created the Chapter. 

From that moment until today, without interruption, the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba has been responsible for, among other duties, the celebration of the liturgical solemnities that take place in the main church, the pastoral care of its faithful and the management and preservation of its heritage.

Our Lady of the Assumption

Cordoba Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the 16th century its name was changed to reflect the devotion to the Assumption. This is why Marian iconography can be seen in various works of art housed in the church, in the most diverse styles and forms. The composition that perhaps represents this theme with the greatest mastery is the canvas of the painter Antonio Palomino which presides over the main altar. This painting, of great Baroque effect, was created following the iconographic model taken from the Golden Legend: Mary, among cherubs, ascends to heaven while we see the confused expressions of the apostles who discover that her tomb is empty

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