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The Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba is also a centre for knowledge and research. Its immense historical and cultural wealth has been, and remains today, the topic of successful research projects, embodied in numerous doctoral theses, books and articles

In terms of research, the Cathedral Archives are the greatest source of information about the Monumental Site. This is the organisation responsible for the safekeeping of the documents generated by the activity of the chapter over the centuries, as well as other documents which have been entrusted to it. This documentation is not only essential to understand the history of the institution but also to reconstruct the history of the city. 

It houses, among other items, an interesting selection of parchments and codices. In addition to these it has a section with the chapter's records and a rich collection of 600 incunabules, largely from the bequest of Bishop Martín Fernández de Angulo. Nor can we forget the presence of the Vázquez Venegas collection, which was begun by order of Fernando VI in order to copy the most important documents about Cordoba, those belonging to both the cathedral and municipal archives and to other institutions such as convents and parish churches. 

Researchers can contact the Cathedral of Cordoba Archives by writing to the email address:


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